It is the mission of Pierce County Recycling, Composting and Disposal (LRI) to provide the highest level of servce, and environmentally sound solid waste disposal and recycling solutions for Pierce county residents and businesses. Success in this effort will continue, and grow, through our relationships with the business community, contractors, commercial waste haulers, regulatory agencies, and the public.

Statement of Operating Values

Safety -

We are commited to providing the safest work environment possible to our employees and customers through training and communication.

Integrity -

Our Integrity is the natural result of our decision making, operational practices, and actions.

Consistency -

We maintain a consistent and ever present service to the community we serve through reliability, adaptation, and proactivity.

Teamwork -

We are a reflection of the unity of the cultures, values, beliefs, and goals of our employees to form a team in which each individual must be supported with tools and training.

Vision of the Future

LRI is committed to continued long-term service to the Community, environmental protection, and successful financial performance, through implementation and assurance of our Operating Values. Our employees are our foundation from which success is only possible. We are committed to our employees and customers, and will constantly re-evaluate our operation to assure the highest quality of service. Moreover, LRI is committed to doing what is right for its collective work force and community.